"LSL Lock Services Ltd" will do a complete survey of your premise/site and give you over 30 years of experience in the security industry in what your company requires in commercial security.

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We install all types of restricted master key systems and hardware, including heavy-duty deadbolts, commercial entrance & store function sets, hotel locks and hardware, slide bolts, heavy locking bolts, door closers, handles, padlocks, push plates, heavy duty chain, toilet indicator locks and can custom build extreme locking requirements such as grills, bars and gates.
We can advise you in what is stipulated by Council bylaws in regards to door fire egress.

Health & Safety.

"LSL Lock Services Ltd" is a Site Safe registered company.

Company Health & Safety Policy Statement

"LSL Lock Services Ltd"  recognises the need for Principals to be satisfied that this Company has addressed all of it's requirements and obligations under the Health & Safety in Employment Act (1992) and it's subsequent amendments.

The Company has addressed these issues and our formal Health & Safety Policy document is available for viewing at our site at any time during business hours.

In any case the following statements reflect our Company's attitude towards Health & Safety in this workplace.

"LSL Lock Services Ltd" is committed to complying with the Health & Safety in Employment Act (1992), regulations relating to this Act, Codes Of Practice and all other safe operation procedures.

Management is committed and responsible for the education and training and development of all employees and to help them understand and work with this commitment and the respective governing laws.

Management is committed to continuously improve and review our Health & Safety Policy document. To this end, all employees are encouraged to attend any meeting called for the purposes of discussing Health & Safety in the workplace.

The purpose of the Company in having this Health & Safety document is not merely to comply with the Act but to ensure that all of our employees are provided with a safe working environment.

All employees must report to their supervisor or manager any new hazards or potential hazards that may arise and to do all things possible to avoid accident or injury to themselves, their fellow employees or any other person. Supervisors or designated Safety Officers must keep accurate reporting and recording records and it is a requirement that all Managers or Supervisory staff be accountable, trained and competent in matters of Health & Safety within their area of responsibility.

It is our Company Policy that this Health & Safety Policy document is audited every six months either by competent in-house staff or by an outside service provider.

All employees have a legal requirement to comply with the Health & Safety in Employment Act and must sign to acknowledge that they have read and understood the Company's Health & Safety documents. This is a condition of employment with "Lock Services Ltd".

All our servicemen have high visibility vests, steel cap boots, safety glasses and ear defenders and will wear these when advised to or if they deem the situation does require them to.

"LSL Lock Services Ltd" management will purchase for our staff any additional personal safety devices you require before work is begun within reason.