Lost your keys or had them stolen? no problem.... we can re-key your existing locks so that the old keys no longer work, giving you instant peace of mind at a smaller price than full lock replacement. Check with your insurance company as the job may be covered by your policy.

"Lock Services Ltd" will survey your home and recommend the best forms of protection you would require to make your house as safe as you can afford within your budget.

Always begin with deadlocking your main entry doors; this is the easiest point for burglars to remove larger items. (Key from both side deadlocks will force them to gain access through a window)

When finances allow begin deadlocking your windows starting with the most easily accessible or hidden from view. Smashing windows attracts attention, which burglars don't want.

For ventilation and protection for small children from climbing out high windows, we recommend window stays. These provide ventilation and security while the home is occupied. Do not leave windows open when your are away from home.

We also supply & fit ranch slider locks, patio bolts, door chains, peep holes, window catches, window handles, mortise locks and handles, entrance sets, padlocks, cupboard locks, barrel bolts, necked bolts, t-handles, garage locks, privacy toilet & bathroom locks, passage sets, pad-bolts, hasp & staples, window bars & grills, door closers, gate springs, replacement cylinders to name a few.